Shopping in Marrakech

Shopping in Marrakech with publisher of Hamptons and Cottages Gardens Pamela Eldridge.    

Luxury Lifestyle Resort Collection

Luxury interior designer Tamara Magel is bringing her globally eclectic and sophisticated style to the fashion world with her new collection of exotic caftans, day to evening dresses, beach bags, and …

Raspberry & Watermelon Margarita

“My private chef, Matty Bee, made this delicious raspberry and watermelon margarita! So easy. So yummy!” RECIPE: Half a watermelon 1 cup of lime juice 1 cup of lemon juice, …

Summer Holiday Table

Summer Holiday Table “My 4th of July table! It was a beautiful day with friends, in the sun, by the pool!”

Bring life to any space

“I love fresh flowers! I can’t get enough! They make the room smell amazing…and bring life to any space! My favorite flowers are Hydrangeas!”

Tamara Magel lounge pillow

“Here is my original pattern, outdoor, oversized, Tamara Magel lounge pillow. Great for by the pool, or even on the floor in the living area!”

Mix old with the new

“I love collecting all types of glasses and having them displayed. They don’t have to be expensive. Just pretty. Don’t be afraid be mix old with new!”


Fab time on TODAY NBC this morning – talking 4th July themed dinner parties!


Tamara is now parlaying her design expertise into home fashion and fashion with a belief that interior design, like fashion, can change with the seasons, Ms. Magel utilizes neutral furniture …

Amazing Pool Houses

A house, for all of its quirks and eccentricities, is essentially a place within which people undertake the multiple tasks and functions of everyday life. There’s a necessity to designing …

Talitha Getty Style Icon

Talitha Getty, wife of oil heir John Paul Getty Jr., spent much of her time in Morocco where she became known for her signature hippie-chic aesthetic. She combined haute couture …

50 years of Porsche

JUNE 8th . On this day in 1948, a hand-built aluminum prototype labeled “No. 1” becomes the first vehicle to bear the name of one of the world’s leading luxury …