Tamara Magel founded her design studio in 2000. Her projects range from luxurious, bohemian beach homes; to cozy, Rocky Mountain ski lodges; to seriously chic, buttoned-up apartments in the world’s capitals. She divides her time between residential and commercial properties, creating work spaces that incorporate and are complemented by the values she brings to her ultra-luxe homes.

“Most of us spend almost all of our lives indoors, and two-thirds of that is in our homes,” says Magel. “Yet, very few of us consider the impact impeccable design has on our well-being.

“My clients care more and more about the beauty and functionality of their work environment, too,” she says. A recent client opening a new work space told Magel: “We don’t want it to feel like an office, we want it to feel like a home.”

Magel has worked hand-in-glove with architects, and has been a guiding force for ground-up construction projects. She uses her experience in interior architecture and floor plan design to help create a sense of ease and flow. She has also overseen the renovation of an historic 1800s Georgetown brownstone in DC, and has restored other antique homes along the East Coast.

In 2018, she began studying the field of biophilic design, which uses the principles of nature to inform the design process, incorporating living natural things into the home, drawing the outdoors in, and creating a sense of seamlessness between our inside and outside living spaces.

Magel describes her process and philosophy as “materialist”: highly textural, using palettes of neutral tones, and a mix of natural fabrics, stone, wood and metals.

Magel is known for her approachable demeanor, collaborative design process and strong business background. She worked in financial services for Deloitte, Sotheby’s and Price Waterhouse Coopers before pursuing design.

Her work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, The New York Times, Hamptons Cottages & Gardens, Luxe Interiors + Design, Casa Vogue and Vogue Living.,   View press section


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