Tamara Magel believes that when a body recognizes its surroundings it allows an inner harmony to be created organically. Kind of like the difference between a pure cotton shirt verses synthetic. One just feels right. When a person’s home reflects not only their own personal aesthetic preferences but is designed with clean, non-toxic materials overall well-being can be achieved. With so many toxins in our world today from the air, water and even our food supply, wouldn’t you like your home to be a place for rejuvenation and healing?

Tamara is an award-winning, international designer who’s practice is in the Hamptons, Palm Beach, New York City and Westchester known for a modern aesthetic combining fine finishes which interplay with organic elements, artisanal detail and always a delightful touch of whimsy. Her innate ability to balance energy flow with furniture placement is one of her many talents. She has an intuitive sense of design that goes beyond what the eye sees and taps into how the body feels.

Tamara offers full consultancy from design/build projects to interior restorations of all shapes and sizes. Her diverse portfolio includes sprawling coastal retreats, classic country residences and chic metropolitan apartments. Tamara creates personalized interiors that gracefully balance space, light and proportion. Layered with textural fabrics, custom finishes and elements both refined and rough-hewn, Tamara’s interiors evoke the enduring character of a fine European country manor exuding a warm vitality and energy.

Tamara opened her first interior design studio in 2000 in Washington, DC after a successful career in finance working such firms as Deloitte, PriceWaterHouse Coppers and Sotheby’s. In 2011, she launched a showroom in New York’s SOHO district showcasing her custom furnishings, paint and bedding collections. Her beautifully created spaces have been featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, The New York Times, Hamptons Cottages & Gardens and Lonnymagazines, among others. View press section


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